was Saddam into Star Wars?

Did he fancy himself as a Dark Lord? I was looking through an article at Technabob, called 'Darth Saddam: The Icons of Evil Empires'. I just wanted to share with you the uncanny similarities between some things in Bagdad...

“Do diabolical minds look up to villains in the same way that good men and women idolize heroes?

The Hands of Victory monument, shown below, was commissioned by Saddam to commemorate the victory.

As he passed through the monument on the day of its inauguration in August 1989, Saddam declared, “The worst condition is to pass under a sword which is not one’s own or to be forced down a path which is not willed by him”. The monument, which is located in Central Baghdad, does indeed look similar to a drawing in one of the movie postersof The Empire Strikes Back.

If that doesn't do much for you then there is always the state of Saddam's helmets worn by his army, mandated by his son, Uday...


Cher Lloyd. Marmite.

Hmm, I find myself fascinated by this girl. I don't even like her music. I don't think I even like her. Just like I didn't really like the X-Factor, but I still felt compelled to watch it, and in honest truth it was to watch her. And so, from this I have to say I have garnered some respect for the girl. 17, and she has managed to place herself square in front of our prying eyes, and in the process attracted quite a lot of vile shit from people, but she stands as a conundrum to me. She is going to be large and I think i just might listen.


Virgil Finlay

I am just in awe of this mans work - fine detailed pen and ink drawing is a time consuming art - taking days if not weeks to produce a single composition, yet Finlay managed to produce over 2300 designs in a 35 year career, working 7 days a week to produce enough artwork to cover the pulp-fiction rates. Ironically and perhaps warningly his work shot up in price once he passed on.. great. At least he has left a legacy.

What I respect about this artist was his stubborn refusal to sacrifice quality for speed - something that this digital era seems to have introduced into the arts. As dear old Brooks writes to his inmates in the film Shawshank Redemption; 'The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.' Too right old man, too right.


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Been reading throughone of my favourite magazines sites --- Wired --- and this caught my eye. The co-founder of piratebay. Now i'm not endorsing his work - but coupled with the aggro over wiki leaks, isn't there a right to freedom of information - be it digital 1s and 0s? Whether you think the modern day digital download and fileshare culture is illegal or not he's been landed a hefty 30 million fine! read on...

Here is a useful insight from Larry Lessig into the psyche of our generation with regards to the use of internet, downloading files, and sharing videos on the move, quickly and without thinking - READ//WRITE, RE//MIX intertextuality in modern society- is it stealing? Is copyright the real thief?

Is it just the norm now for our digital appetites to demand instant gratification?

Is it that keyboard warriors across the globe are uniting against corporate strangle-holds?

Is it vital for our generation to keep sharing content to provide inspiration fresh and innovative? I'm not too sure, what I am sure about is that the music industry is fighting a losing battle it seems, and in some weird round-about way- it seems that as a band/group/DJs only real source of income is through touring and live shows, surely their performance has to be spot on = a better end result? Whatever you think, copyright is indeed an issue needing to be thought about.


mmmm penelope pit-stop.